City of Ember

By Jeanne Duprau

By Evan Holman


Jeanne Duprau lives in Menlo park,California.She wrote many books like The People of Sparks and The prophet of Yonwood. The main book I like is The City of Ember it is Realistic fiction.Want to find out why The City of Ember is such a good book? Read more.


Lina comes home and finds a fantasy box inside an doesn't no anything about it.Its Lina and Doons first day at there jobs . Lina's job is very busy and Doon doesn't no anything about it.Lina and doon gives a note to Mrs Murdo the note says, want to find out then read the book.



I like this book because every page you don't no whats going to happen. It also gives you a little fright and a scare! I would not change the ending because it is a mystery what happen and whats going to happen.


This book reminded me of the book missing on superstitious mountain because it is a mystery and a adventurer book. This book also reminded me of the movie tornado hunters because all you try to do is survive. I was wants in a tornado and to survive I had to go under ground.


I would recommend this book to my brother because he loves mystery and adventure books. I think the book was interesting. "Its a funny book" is what everyone is saying. That's why I think you should read The City of Ember.