Technology News



  • Teach and reteach the rules for ipads in your classroom-especially make sure that all students are taught to be responsible for their ipads. We have had several ipads left unattended in the hallway.
  • Make sure your cart is plugged into the wall not into a power strip.
  • Make sure you plug and unplug the ipads.
  • Lock up the ipads every night

Training Opportunity

We have a great opportunity to have training come directly to our classrooms.

Ashley Johnson from the district office can help us in several ways.

  1. She can come into your classroom and teach a lesson using an app you request.
  2. She can guide you in how to use a specific app.
  3. She could show how to integrate an app into several content areas.
  4. She can watch us teach and give us specific feedback to help improve our teaching with technology
  5. She can find information about technology (app research and ideas)

If you are interested in using her expertise, please talk to Angela or I and we can help you use her scheduling program. You could also email her to plan a time.

If you are interested in this type of training but would rather have Angela or I we can arrange that also.

Update Info

Remember we will be starting updates next week.

Everyone needs to have their ipads charge to at least 60%.

First Grade needs to have their ipads to the old conference room by the time you leave on Friday. Label your class with a sticky note- if you have minis put them into a basket if they are the big ipads stand them up on the counter.

2nd Grade- take your ipads that are plugged into the cart to Angela's room after school on Monday.

3rd Grade- you will leave your ipads in the cart and have them plugged in Elissa will come around on Wednesday to let you know where we stand and what to do. We are going to try to charge them in your classroom.

4th and 5th grade- We will let you know more specifically what we will need you to do on Wednesday.