~Alexis Huckleby~

Who Is Sodapop?

Sodapop is a 17 year old "Mr. Perfect ." With his bubbly personality, and charming super- model-gorgeous face. He is greaser with a big heart and bigger smile. He is a just as smart as he is beautiful. He is active, a very athletic person. As is he hard working to the boot. But behind every great thing, something is way off. He dropped out of high school, and that's Ponyboy's only problem with him. He dropped out because he needs to support for his family. After all he is the most responsible, and their parents died in a car crash. He enjoys listening to music. He would spend hours trying to memorize songs. The ones he knew no else has heard. He works at a gas station. It's not just his job, it's his time waster, his fun. His most prized possession is his siblings. He raises them, even though he's the middle child. They accept him, and there always there for him. Soda has dark gold hair that seems like it belongs to the heavens. It's combed back, long, silky, and straight. He's slim, and finely drawn. His eyes are dark brown, you could get lost in them. Ponyboy loves him, he loves them all. But not like he loves Sodapop. He loves Sodapop more then he loved his parents. He loves how happy-go-lucky he is. How he can be happy, through all the crap they get. The pain and sadness they don't deserve. Soda pop is my favorite character, I bet he's your now, too.
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