Wednesday Minis

January 21, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • 1/22 First Degree Ceremony Entire Chapter arrive at 6:15pm
  • 1/25 at 12:30pm Formal Chapter and Risk Management Member Education Event after
  • 1/25 at 4:00pm Bigs meeting
  • 1/31 Deadline for magazine sales
  • 2/4 and 2/5 Composite photo (sign up online)
  • 2/28 at 2:00pm KD + AXO Philanthropy Event

Social Events

  • Thursday at 10pm Sig Ep New Years Eve Open Party
  • Friday at 10pm DKE Tour De Franzia Open Party
  • Saturday at 10pm Lambda Dry Paint Party
  • Sunday at 10AM Sammy Dry Brunch

President Tarina DeRito

Want to be a Page at KD National Leadership Convention this summer!?! Check out this link!

Composite Photo

Your Vantine Composite Photography session(s):
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM
Thursday, February 5, 2015 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Confirmed on 12/10/14 by Tarina De Rito

Mark your calendars......your composite photography session is fast

Sign up for your Photography Appointment Online!

**Remember, there is an additional $12.00 fee per person for the use of a
previous image. Take time to get photographed!!

To be fair to all
organizations, please adhere to your scheduled times.

See you soon.
We look forward to serving you!
The Vantine Team

VP Operations Jen Mandelblatt

Chapter this week is formal and there will be a risk management member education event at the end!

Much love in academic excellence, social success, philanthropy, sisterhood and leadership,


VP Membership Carson Denbow

Rachel and I would just like to again, thank you all for all the hard work you all put in during Spirit Week and FMR! We were so impressed! All of your hard work really paid off :)

Much love in AOT,


VP Member Education Madeline Ling

WOOOO!! NEW MEMBERS HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED! I am so thrilled that our sisterhood is growing by 43 amazing new members! Thank you all for helping putting on a memorable Bid Night!! PC15 had such a great time, and I owe it all to you! You all made me so proud-- your enthusiasm and love for PC15 was awesome!! Keep it up! #crepes #visors

I've already heard some girls getting digits, planning froyo dates, etc, and that makes me SO EXCITED! Just be careful to not overwhelm them, and remember -- group dates are key! If you have any questions or need help/advice with meeting NMs, hit me up! I'll chat more about dating etiquette, etc, this Sunday at chapter!

First Degree Ceremony

The First Degree Ritual is tomorrow, Thursday 1/22 at 7:30pm.

Council -- arrives at 6pm.

Entire Chapter -- arrives at 6:15pm.

New Members will arrive starting at 7:15pm.

Remember, this is a mandatory event, so if you have not emailed both Madeline Miceli and me your excuse and proof, you will be unexcused. The ceremony should last about an hour.

Afterwards, we will be having hot cocoa and cookies! So please plan on staying for a little bit afterwards to mingle with PC 15!

*Dress code = white dress or skirt/blouse, covered shoulders, nude or white heels, minimal makeup.

2015 BIGS!

I would like to have a brief meeting with PC14 ladies taking littles to discuss in depth the upcoming Big/Little process, including information about Pearls and Emeralds. This meeting is mandatory, and will be held this Sunday 1/25 at 4:00pm(before dinner). Please email me if you will not be able to attend.


Please refer to this calendar for all things New Member Period! And make sure to check back, as I will be updating it as times change or more details become available!!



VP Community Service Alex McClellan

KD + AXO Philanthropy Event

Saturday, Feb. 28th, 2pm


Why: For domestic violence

What you can do to help: If you and your a cappella group, talented musical friend, dance team, juggling uncle etc want to perform, please contact me (Alex McClellan)! We are opening up the acts to more than singing this year but we need to finalize a schedule by February Break.

Big image


Welcome back ladies!!!!

Woohooo I don’t know about you but I AM OBSESSED WITH OUR NEW PC!!! However, it is extremely important that we remember there is absotively positutely ZERO DRINKING with the new members. This is their dry period. You are not allowed to pre game dry mixers with them and you are not allowed to go out with them until after the dry period is over. In addition, your attendance at the degree ceremonies is mandatory. Chapter attendance is, as always, mandatory as well. If you cannot attend either the degree ceremonies or chapter, you are required to email me at by the Thursday at 11:59 pm before chapter. Seniors are allowed two unexcused absences and all other members are allowed one unexcused absence. All members are allowed one late excuse. Please contact me early on in the semester (like this week) if chapter attendance is going to be an issue.

Way too excited for the semester ahead <3


Panhellenic Delegate Josselyn Tsai

The deadline for Greek Judicial Board applications has been extended to Friday, January 23 at noon. Please visit this link to apply. Past and present chapter presidents, risk managers, and honor board members are especially encouraged to participate, but any chapter member with an interest in the Greek judicial system is also encouraged to apply!

Appointed Officer Announcements

Magazine Chair Steph Kleiner

Hey guys! Only 10 more days of annoying magazine reminders. Each sister must sell at least $40 worth of magazines; this requirement is for every sister on or off campus. $40 worth of profits by January 31st.

Setting up your account

1. Head to and click join

2. Fill out your information and click ‘join the campaign'

3. Goal: $40 or more

4. Give a brief description of your campaign- Kappa Delta Chapter House Fund

5. Explore the page & spread the word!

The magazines are available for a huge variety of people: a cooking magazine for your grandma, a seventeen magazine for your little sister, a fitness magazine for your friend… the opportunities are endless. Also- renewals of current subscriptions count toward the $40 too.

Tips for Selling

1. Emails! These are great for grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and neighbors and your old piano instructor and that really cool professor of yours. Explain what the campaign is and who it will benefit, and encourage them to make a purchase.

2. Social media! Share on Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest etc. I understand that you don’t wanna be that annoying person, but it can be really easy when you present it as a cool, cheap opportunity for your friends to get magazine subscriptions.

Take advantage of this opportunity, otherwise you will be charged $40 from your bursar.

AOT, Steph

Academic Excellence Alexis Cousins

Hey everybody!

Now that classes are started, let's find out if KD's are in your big lecture classes, by filling out or viewing the google doc here:

You can also use the spreadsheet just to simply recommend spring courses you took last year.

As of last night, we have SO MANY AWESOME NEW MEMBERS but they probably do not know much about the rest of us! So in order to fix this (academically) please fill out this spreadsheet stating your major, if you TA, and list your career goal, so PC '15 can easily contact you (or vice versa) for academic or career advice!

Thank you so much and I am so excited to finally be the Academic Excellence Chair!!



Health and Wellness Chairs Olivia Roche, Sarah Lam, and Taylor Coutts

Hey Ladies!

As the new semester is starting, we know this can be a stressful time for some or a time to get back on track for others. Please make sure to reach out to Olivia (oar5), Sarah (sl772), or Taylor (trc76) if you have any questions or concerns related to Health and Wellness or if you want to be directed to some of the resources Gannett offers!


Olivia, Sarah, and Taylor


Heyyyyy. Welcome back!! YAYYY NEW MEMBERSSS!

We are excited to reveal our social schedule for this weekend BUT FIRST…

There are restrictions because of the new members so listen close:

  1. NO ALCOHOL AT DRY EVENTS. NO ALCOHOL BEFORE DRY EVENTS. NO ALCOHOL AT ALL RELATED TO DRY EVENTS. Do not break this rule. There are major implications. Take it from me… I got kicked out of the paint mixer as a new member… (oops…)

  2. New members CANNOT KNOW about our wet events. It does not matter if they are your best friend, potential little/littlest, or whaaatever. These wet events are SECRET.

  3. Please try to attend as many dry events as possible. Make the new pledge class feel welcome! AKA DO NOT leave events early! It happened to my PC at a dry event and it SUCKED. The bars will still be open at midnight when the dry event ends. Please facilitate friendships between sisters as well as with the fraternity members. .


Friday: DKE - 10 PM - NO RIDES - UNREGISTERED OPEN PARTY - Tour De Franzia

Saturday: LAMBDA - 10 PM - rides from KD and Schwartz - DRY PAINT PARTY

Sunday: SAMMY - 10 AM - rides from Schwartz - DRY BRUNCH

REMINDER: We have formal chapter at 12:30 this day. This means that new members should NOT come back to the house after the brunch. Allow them to go back to their dorms/apartments and then they can come back to the house for set meetings later!!!

****We need three sobers for every event or we cannot have the event. All sobers must write their name in the google doc so that we know who is sobering and how many. Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement! There have been far too many instances of girls simply not finding replacements and not attending the event. Remember that attending mixers is a great way to hang out with your sisters AND earn 2 points!!!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See YOU ALL there!!!!

love in AOT

socials xoxo