Trinity Connect

Issue 11, 14 August 2020

Principal's News - Covid-19 Update

The days are getting longer and the magpies are swooping.......Spring is almost here!

Spring is my favourite season, near perfect weather, fresh flowers popping up, and a freshness to the air after winter. The sounds of birds chirping and baby lambs in the paddocks, there is just something refreshing about spring.

For me, this freshness, the new life, the sparkle of each day is a time when I feel like I can almost see the hope that is all around us. As we start to see the signs of Spring this year, I pray that you to can be reminded of hope. This year has been one that has challenged us in so many ways and one where it could be easy to lose sight of hope.

May you trust in our God and His love fill you with hope and peace at this trying time.

Eloise Beveridge

Remote Learning 2.0

Thank you to you all for your amazing support of your children during this time of remote learning. We appreciate your efforts to work with us to deliver the best learning program possible to your children at this time.

I am so proud of our awesome staff for their efforts to adapt and lead learning as they have done. I am so proud and thankful for our parents and carers for guiding learning at home and for our children who have just adapted and got on with it!

We certainly didn't have a unit in our days at university teaching us how to deliver a remote learning program and as parents I'm not sure that there was ever a head's up on how to guide learning at home!

Together we have got this, thank you everyone!

FREE WEBINAR - Lightening the Lockdown Load

This fabulous FREE Webinar is being held on Wednesday, 19 August at 8pm for families across Victoria by Dr Justin Coulson.

Our mental health is so important at this difficult time, we would encourage families to sign up to participate.

Overview of the Webinar:

Lockdown is hard. It hurts our kids and it’s a drain on parents.

The first time was tricky. There were challenges. For some, it was horrible. But most of us managed ok and got through it.

This time it’s different. The pressure is higher. The demands are greater. The children are more oppositional. The home learning stretch will be longer. There’s work stress, family stress, and stress about being stressed!

While we can’t click our fingers and make it magically disappear, there are real strategies that parents and children can rely on to not just survive, but thrive – even in a far-too-long lockdown. They’re simple ideas that you can start on right away.

Join Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s most trusted parenting specialists, as he shares 4 secrets to make it through the pain of the winter COVID-19 Victorian lockdown.

By the end of this FREE webinar, you’ll:

· Feel reassured, with less stress and pressure around your kids, their schooling, and life

· Have concrete strategies you can start on immediately to make your family happier

· Know how to be on the same page as your partner

· Be able to develop habits and practices that will ensure your children – and YOU – can get your daily work done, even while everyone is stuck at home.

Register via the link below

Staffing Update

It is with mixed emotions that I share with our community the news that Mrs Stephanie Kriewaldt has been appointed Principal at Lobethal Lutheran Primary School, commencing January 2021. Steph has shared her amazing gifts with our College and without a doubt our school is better for her time here. The appointment for Steph is well deserved and a win for the Lobethal school community. Whilst sad for us at Trinity, we have been blessed with the Kriewaldt family and their contribution to our school in their time here in Mildura.

We know that returning to Adelaide and family will be an added bonus of this exciting chapter for the Kriewaldts.

We look forward to making the most of the remainder of this year with Steph as she continues to lead our primary years through the PYP Authorisation process.

We keep the Kriewaldts in our prayers at this exciting time for them and their lives.

Library News

The Library will be celebrating BOOK WEEK on Friday August 28th with a 'virtual' DRESS UP DAY!!! Wear your favourite costume for the day. Keep it simple! The whole family is welcome to join in the fun!

Other Library News:

· The LIBRARY IS OPEN for borrowing from Monday - Thursday 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.

· Staff can send students across to return and borrow during this time

· Parents can bring their children in to borrow during this time

· Covid-safe practices apply

· Limit of 2 families or 10 students

Updating Personal Information

Dear Families,

Have you recently moved house, changed phone number or updated your VISA status?

We are currently reviewing all of our student files. We will be reaching out to some families for documents and we thank you in advance for providing what we require.

Please contact our reception if you need any further information or would like to provide an update.

IB Primary Years Program - The Learner Profile

In the IB PYP there is a focus on taking action. The global context of inquiries support students to take action within the world, their local community, their classroom and/or their home.

Actions can be:

DOING - taking action to make the world a better place

KNOWING - having a better understanding of the world around you

THINKING - finding new ways to look at problems

FEELING - being more responsive to your feelings and the feelings of others

SAYING - expressing your thoughts clearly

BEING - aligning your actions with your values In the IB PYP there is a focus on taking action

2021 Enrolment Interviews

Our 2021 Prep vacancies are filling fast! If you have a student to enrol in Prep for next year please contact us to ensure that you don't miss out.

We have limited vacancies across some year levels for 2021 that are filling fast also.

Enrol now by completing an online application form or contacting Elaine Heinrich at the college or on email at

Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.


Thank you to our families who are ordering lunches for children online. This process has many benefits for all, specifically in the area of health and safety in these trying times with the reduced handling of cash.

For those parents who still like to provide their child with some money to buy a treat these limited cash sales are still being catered for at break time.

NEW MENU!!! Home Meals from the Heart

The meal menu has been updated to add in a few more favourites. Have you tried a Home Meal from the Heart? Our Canteen staff are offering take home hearty meals that are prepared fresh daily. Use the button below to see the flyer and order form.

Home Meals from the Heart Flyer and Order form

Orders to be placed by Monday at 9am each week