Men of Distinction

Vol. 2, Ed. 5, 10.2.17

Mr. Owens believes...

"As a nation, we are in need of educating EVERY child to their highest potential. We need to offer an avenue of hope and accomplishment to help children reach their goals. Mentorship has always been a part of my life and I hope that I will be able to leave a legacy of building up children so they won't become broken men. May our children leave us and go out into the world and make it a better place." ~ Mr. Melvin J. Owens

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 School Year!

I'm so proud to announce the additions to our program. We welcome Coach Jack McCann as an additional leader to the program. Coach McCann has a heart for kids and they will gain so much from him this year.

We also welcome 6 new students from our feeder middle schools into the program. These young men have been awesome to work with so far. They enjoy the program and what it has to offer.

We look forward to connecting them to their mentors and continuing the support and encouragement needed for them to be successful in life.

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Dress for Success

The Men of Distinction talked about dressing for success. We used the old Deion Sanders quote, "If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good." The MoD's really seemed to understand that quote and we studied ways to dress. The guys even watched a video on the proper way to dress for different occasions. They really enjoyed the dress for less than $10 video. You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to look nice and presentable at all times.

Be A Man

Coach McCann delivered an awesome lesson on the title, "Be A Man". He drove home several points that the MoD's will remember forever. He discussed the first time he was told to be man, the social mandate, men showing their feelings, and recognizing that life is about relationships.

Coach McCann also interviewed several men from around the Harmon campus about what "Being a Man" was to them. It was so awesome to see our principal, Mr. Fontana, AP, Mr. Bauter, several of our teachers, and our SRO Officer Alexander share their stories.

Coach Odle talked about his 3 parts of being a man - respect, unselfishness, and "own it". This was such a powerful lesson and you could hear a pin drop. Thank you Coach McCann and Coach Odle for pouring into these young men.

Proud Moment

There are several proud moments you share with students as an educator. We are in this profession because we want to make a difference in a child's life. We know that we may not see it at that moment, but that flower will grow later. We just have to plant the seed and continue to water it. I had one of those moments a couple of weeks ago with Darren Johnson. Darren comes to us from DeLay Middle School. He was the only student that was presented for the program by his AP, Mr. Mark True. I remember meeting Darren and getting a firm handshake and a "Yessir". Immediately I knew that this young man wanted more out of life and was so happy that he was recommended for the program. Darren's life hasn't been easy, but you wouldn't know that by meeting him. He always has a warm smile and a youthfulness to fill an entire gymnasium. I was so privileged and proud to be the very first person to tie a necktie around his neck. He told me that he has never worn one and was happy that I was doing this for him. Tears started to form in my eyes as I knew this was a legacy moment. I will never forget that day and something tells me, neither will Darren.
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MoD Dinner 2017

We closed out the 2016-2017 year with a dinner here at LHS Harmon. It was a great night full of great food, fun stories, and a commitment to continue to mentor our young men here at Harmon. Mr. Tony Fontana, our principal, was our guest speaker. Lewisiville is a great community and I'm so happy that we have gentlemen who give of their time and resources for these boys. Mr. Jim Mustain, of the Loving Community, has been a big part of the success of our program. I can not thank Jim enough. Here are some pictures of our night.
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The Power of Mentorship!

Monthly Group Topics

September - Dress for Success/Becoming a Man

October - Accountability

November - Loyalty

December - Decision Making

January - Work Habits

February - Ambition

March - Social/Academic Problem Solving

April - Respect

May - Community Service