Access Consciousness Body Class

Trifold Sequencing Systems

Trifold Sequencing Systems ~Feb. 16th, 11am to 2pm ~ 1st process

This hands on body process assists in eliminating a looping back that we do to a person, story or a subject. Trifold sequencing systems has to do with dimensions, realities, time, space, bodies, minds, instincts, alternate, parallel, mirror image and reverse realities and the beyonds. These get scrambled which creates a perpetual looping back and forth.
What else is possible?

Trifold Sequencing Systems of Drug Induced Scenerios, Perfectionism and Insanity

2nd Process~ 3Pm to 6PM
This process helps to unlock any decision, judgement, computation or conclusion you made while on drugs or alcohol and then you loose access to them. These DJCC's in turn get locked into your body. Do you have the drug of perfectionism? This process can be a key to unlock all those! How does it get any better?

For any questions and to attend the class contact Valentinah

You may choose one process or both!
Investment in you for each process is $50.
Call 360-894-5584 or email

Class location:
Access Your Joy Body Studio
15418 Hwy. 507
Yelm, Wa. 98597

What are the infinite possibilities to transform with ease, joy, and glory?