Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 4-27-15


We will be meeting as a group in the library on Monday. I will be discussing some items that were covered at the recent team leader meeting.

Also, Sibert will be going over some items with you concerning the flipped PD.

ISTEP testing

Just a reminder that we will continue ISTEP testing all week. Please continue to be prepared for the rest of the week just like you were on Friday. Hopefully with the rest of the state starting testing it won't wreck the system.


Monday Golf @ Wawasee

Tuesday Golf hom, Soccer @ Woodside

Wednesday Track home vs Angola

Thursday Soccer @ Bellmont

Saturday @ New Haven Invite

Flipped PD

Sibert will share the numbers tomorrow but I wanted to say great job on the flipped PD. Your hard work on the PD shows your dedication to improving your teaching and technology skill. The middle school staff has always done a great job with integrating technology so flipped PD is perfect for us. Great job!


Monday- Deming out at 1:00- AMAO Meeting

Friday- Bill out all day