No to Smoking

Should smoking be ilegal

What is smoking

Smoking has been around for about 2,000 years and the first person to smoke tobacco was Christoper Columbus,and the cigarette was invented in the 1800's.If the law makes smoking illegal all the people in the cigarette companies will not have a job and the tobacco growers will go out of business. Do to the high amount of deaths from smoking and that smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths it should be illegal!

The things in cigarettes are very bad for you, and can kill you.

  • 443,000 people die in america each year from smoking cause of the things that are in the cigarettes.
  • Some of the things in cigarettes is arsenic (poison),bug spray,candle wax and rocket fuel why would you want to put all that junk into your body system and your lungs.
  • the nicotine in cigarette smoke can reach the brain 10 seconds after you inhale it and has been found in every part of the body.

Cigarettes pollute the air.

  • cigarette smoke puts 10 times more pollution in the air then diesel car exhaust.
  • Cigarettes pollute by the chemicals inside the cigarette burning and there are 4,000 different chemicals in the cigarette.
  • when non-smokers come in contact with cigarette smoke it is called second hand smoke or passive smoking the bystander breathes in nicotine and toxic chemicals that come from the cigarettes and they take it in the same way smokers take that in.

Smoking can cause many bad diseases.

  • Smoking can cause lung cancer,breast cancer,lung failure,kidney failure and so many more diseases that are bad for you and can kill you.
  • If a smoker runs out of cigarettes they can go into withdrawal and go off on other people cause the don't have any cigarettes.
  • 90% of all smokers end up having lung cancer.