Stages of government

And how they when from one to another

Economic system

stage 1

The economic system (also known as hunter and gather society) is were all land,food hunted (like deer,bear est) and plants gathered (like vegetables and fruits) are shared with in a community. For example if someone hunted and killed a deer then everyone will get a share. They also followed the animals around so they would be traveling for a long time. Then after a period of time there figured out that you can control were plants are grown and that you can put a fence around animals instead of chasing them.
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Slave Society

stage 2


1. class

people divided into classes ether slaves or slave owners (slaves means you work for slave owners, Slave owner means you owned slaves).

2. State

A nation and/or government used to control slaves (the nation and /or government owned slaves that work for them).

3. Agriculture

A large slave force that would provide food for big city

4. privet property (land)

land becomes owned by 1 person or a family, so instead of "our" deer it becomes "my" deer because i hunted it.

Seance people found out how to control were plants grew they set up things called farms were people would grow lots of one crop in a plot of land, Seance they grow these they needed people to harvest these farms so they had to conquer other places to get new slaves because if your a slave your a slave but your children aren't so over time they'd run out of slaves. Once there empire was so big they couldn't control it so it would fall apart. witch lead to feudelism.

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stage 3



values such as honor and loyalty that knights were expected to follow.

2.hereditary classes

determent by birth there is little to no form of movement.


nation formed by fallen city with better located leaders.


agreement between two or more people with everyone getting an equal amount.

A new class had rolled in outside from the triangle of kings, dukes, lords and knights this class was called merchants, merchants were poor presents that got relay rich and almost had more cash then a duke or lord. these dukes and lords didn't like this so they had a idea to become a merchant like the others and get even more rich.

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stage 4


1.privet property

hands of the individual


people payed to work


best for profit, one company or provider


large power takes from a smaller power for less cost and reasorses.

the employer is focused on making profit for himself not for the employee. This has not happens yet but some people prodiced that when the time comes there will be people that will rise up and take over the factory because they ain't getting enof of the profit. they might get a 25$ raise but they boss is getting a million dollar rise.

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stage 5


1.Communion property

factory runned by workers not by minority

2.planned economy

economy planned and organized based on need not demand.

This means if you sold 50 ipads last year you should make a little more ipads than last year for more profit. a planned economy will have the exact amount you need for that year

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stage 6



no government, laws, or nation.


no classes everyone works for everyone

3. proprertylessness

no money, all goods based on need and assigned.

everything is provided for the people, and everyone and everything is equal there is no government here this has never been done befor but this would be a good way to help the poor people.

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