Team Hill Update

Dutch Fork Elementary Title One School, Dec. 5, 2014

MAP testing on the way!

Next week we will be MAP testing beginning Monday. Due to the testing, we will not be having vocabulary/spelling work. Testing should be completed by Tuesday (providing internet is agreeable:)

Here is a rundown of what we are studying in each subject area!

Math: We have begun our division unit in Chapter 6. Division is tricky, but perseverance will pay off! Here is the link to Mathantics division:

Reading: We are reading the novel "War with Grandpa" and having some rich discussions stemming from our reading. We have begun using "Todaysmeet" to blog about our text to self, text to text and text to the world connections as we read. Students have really gotten excited about finding words in their reading with the suffixes that we have been studying this week.

Several book clubs have completed reading their books and are working on various projects: an i-movie, a skit, and a Bunnicula rap just to name a few!

Writing: We have done some letter writing and a quick write which was inspired by a chapter in "War with Grandpa". Our personal narrative final writings are on display on the wall in the hall.

Social Studies: We are continuing to learn about the 13 original colonies and what made them thrive and grow. We will be working on the unit study guide (look for it Monday) and the unit test will be Friday, Dec. 12 (originally 11th, but have moved it back).

Computer Programming: We will be having a special day on Dec. 12 where we will be doing computer programming under the program called Hour of Code. Be sure to ask your student about this experience!

Related Areas: Next week begins our 2 week intensive rotation and our class will have music everyday until the break.

Another Successful Saluda Shoals Experience!