TT 10 Tea Party

Becca William

Brief Overview

Contrary to what you may think a tea party has nothing to do with tea. It is actually a reading strategy that allows students to discuss passages of a book.

When Should You use This Strategy

- Pre-Read

-Conclusion of a novel or end of a chapter of a textbook

- Definitions of Vocabulary words

- Review for a test

Why use this strategy?

- Gets students up and moving

- Checks reading comprehension

- Gets students thinking about content on a deeper level

- Gives the students a chance to share with peers in a more comfortable setting before class discussions

- Gives students a chance to develop background knowledge

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Elements Needed for a Tea Party


-Note Cards

- Safe Classroom community

Steps to Creating a Sucessful Tea Party Strategy

1. Prepare Cards

2. Practice Time

3. Pairing and Sharing

4. Pairs Discussion

5. Full Class Sharing

6. Class Discussion

Keep In Mind

- excerpts need to be at students reading level, it may be a good idea to have the students choose their own passages

- if you have an English language learner or student with special needs the passage may need to be adapted so the student can read the passage fluently.

- teacher needs to monitor the classroom during this activity to prevent it from becoming a classroom management problem