Become a Totally Awesome Writer ...

Parent and Son Evening

Guests Pat Flynn and Pete Carnavas

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to writing, this is the event for you!

Boys: Learn the secrets of successful writing and unlock your creative writing genius.

Parents: Learn strategies to help your son with his schoolwork.

Hot off the press is My Totally Awesome Story - a new book from talented duo Pat Flynn and Peter Carnavas. The book follows a 13-year-old Duane as he reluctantly fills his school writing journal with stories about his life - including crashing his motorbike, playing pranks with his best mate Meatball, and chasing the affections of Jackie. Duane illustrates his writing with over 100 funny drawings, and the teacher, Miss Wright, comments on and corrects Duane's work, something he doesn't always appreciate!

Years 6, 7 & 8 Students and Parents Welcome.

Wednesday, 27 February, 6.30pm

The Forum, The Lilley Centre.

Contact Middle School Reception to secure your place.

More Information

Click here to visit Pat's website for the book. You can see a booktrailer, watch Pete illustrate as Pat reads and much more!


Pat's inspiration came from the many writing workshops he's facilitated at schools. 'Young people often write with a lack of self-consciousness that is both endearing and amusing,' Pat says, 'I wanted to capture that natural humour in the novel and also create a book that teachers can use to help students enjoy their writing'.