Kim Jennings

Degree and School Experience

B. S. in Early Childhood Education from Crown College; December 2013

Certifications: EC-6 with ESL and Special Education Supplemental

1st grade teacher, Sheldon Elementary, Sheldon ISD; 2014-2015

Substitute teacher, Madelia Elementary and Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial; January-June 2014

Literacy tutor, Minnesota Reading Corps at Little Knights Preschool, 2010-2011

Preschool Paraprofessional/Special Education Paraprofessional, Little Knights Preschool/LCWM; 2007-2013


  • I believe that school should be a safe, enjoyable, positive learning environment where every child can succeed. I use positive reinforcement and build relationships with each student to create a caring learning environment.
  • I believe that children learn in different ways. I provide opportunities for learning using hands-on activities, technology, visuals, songs, drama, movement and cooperative group learning.
  • I believe in the power of early, targeted intervention. This is accomplished through data based instruction, progress monitoring and observation for one on one support and small groups.
  • I believe that teachers and families need to partner together to provide the best education for students. As an educator, I am responsible to teach the whole child. A child who is hungry or scared is unable to focus on learning. It is my job to find out the needs and what motivates each student so that maximum learning can take place.
  • I believe that educators are the first learners in the classroom. I take that learning role seriously as I learn new technology, keep current on best practice, and learn how to best support each student in my classroom.
  • I believe in professional collaboration within my teaching team and with other experts. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. I believe that each teacher needs to reflect on their teaching practice and be open to the evaluation of others.


I have integrated technology in my classroom. I have created smartboard and power point presentations for whole group instruction as well as Kahoots and Show Me for formative assessment. My class also enjoyed using ipads to take a shape hunt and create pic collages at the beginning and end of the shape unit. I created a smore so students could be independent in their earthworm research for our science fair project. They also enjoy using computers or ipads as they engage in workstations for math and reading.

Some of the ways we learn

About me

I am passionate about early childhood education. Besides my work in school, I have four children of my own and have taught and directed preschool and children's church classes and musicals. I love reading and drama as well as scrapbooking. I am a learner.