Oceanport Charges Ahead

From the Desk of Ms. Lipinski - December 2018

The Spirit of Reflection and a Vision for the Future of Oceanport Schools

On behalf of the entire staff of the Oceanport School District, we thank you for working together with us to make each day purposeful and filled with progress and pride for each learner. It is our goal to empower individual students to be the best they can be each day and give individualized academic and emotional support for each child to thrive in a safe and positive learning environment. While this is the season for giving, it is also the right time of the school year for gratitude and reflection. We are very grateful for your support throughout this first, successful part of the school year, and we are looking forward to even more growth and progress as we are reviewing our district's needs for the rest of this year while also planning for years to come!

According to the recent survey of Oceanport residents, the needs of our students and our school district are in alignment with the residents of Oceanport and Sea Bright's values and vision for the future of the Oceanport School District. Please join us at the January Board of Education meeting, tentatively on January 30th @7PM, as I present an analysis of the results of the Oceanport School District Survey and how we plan to move forward as a school district with a vision for the future of Oceanport's students based on what is best for our students and what matters most to the stakeholders.

Stay Alert!

Given the social and societal pressures that exist for our children and adolescents, it is imperative that we maintain awareness of what our youngsters are doing, the websites, apps, social media accounts, and games they play, and how they are communicating with their friends and peers. Everywhere we turn, there is a new site, app, or challenge competing for their attention, and it is up to us to help them navigate a safe pathway of choices. Most recently, you might have heard of the "Momo challenge," a scary meme that gives "suicide challenges" on Whatsapp. https://www.app.com/story/news/education/2018/12/11/viral-momo-challenge-causes-lost-sleep-frayed-nerves-brick/2269677002/ While we have not encountered situations relating to the Momo challenge, we are remaining vigilant and monitoring our students' interests and discussions by talking with them and using Google Guardian. The more we know about any temptations around them, the better. As parents, you can check www.commonsensemedia.org to learn about various websites, apps, movies, and games that might be of interest to your children.Time to talk, read, and have meaningful dialogue with children is so precious and worthwhile. After all, we are their role models! If you see something or hear something, please say something.

Join us on Twitter ~ "Branding" our District ~#OPChargesAhead

Please consider joining Twitter to follow our administrators, teachers, and support staff as we tell "our story" and dig deeper into what is happening in our school district to make our mark in the larger educational world. Mr. Howell, Mrs. Malaney, and I are fostering the use of Twitter by each staff member to view what is taking place in each classroom as well as during district and schoolwide events, and we have a district Twitter handle that is @OPschools. Our hashtag is #OPcharges ahead or #OceanportChargesAhead. We also use our school district Facebook page, Oceanport School District, as a way to promote events and happenings that we want to highlight for your information. Individual teachers might use Remind, Class Dojo, or Seesaw as well to post information, feedback, or videos that might be specific to their class, a small group, or just your child. Paper flyers and notifications can be found in your child's folders and the digital backpack on the website. Our school district calendar is also on our website for a look ahead. For emergency information, we will utilize a push notification system. Please make sure you are providing us with any changes in your contact information, such as address, email, and cell phone numbers. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns!
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#OPChargesAhead withPurpose, Progress, and Pride