Boycott Project 2013


Greenpeace boycotts Nestle

Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization. They have many office in over forty different countries. It was founded in Vancouver are an independent gobal campaigning the focus on changing attitude and behaviour, to protect and conserve environment. Greenpeace are boycotting Nestle. Nestle is a Swiss nutritional health and wellness company that sells many different products including Kit Kat. One ingredient in the making if Kit kat is palm oil. In the process of getting the palm oil the Indonesia rain forest is getting destroyed and is threatening the endangered orangutans living around it. Nestle the company it self is not the one destroying the rainforest, but the corporation purchases the palm oil from a company that is destroying the rainforest.

Why you should boycott Nestle too!!

I, Maria Huxtable am a member of Greenpeace. I believe that together we can join and help the rainforests of Indonesia. And in order to begin we must unite to boycott Nestle. By boycotting Nestle I hope that it will convince them to help us in stopping the destruction in Indonesia. We as the consumers must stop buying their products. And inform other consumer what is behind the products they purchase. But to accomplish this task we need the help of everybody. Nestle wont stop if only a few people stop purchasing Nestle. We need you to help us. So that we can begin our journey of saving Indonesia's rainforests.
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