Calm, Cool, and Collected

Jarin Lozoya

Rise Against - Behind closed doors (with lyrics) HQ

No matter what, don't give up.

This song conveys the message of coming together and fighting against your problems in order to become stronger. This song explains the situation I was in when I was younger and my grandpa passed away. It was really tough on me because he was my best friend. Instead of staying down my family came together and grew stronger. Currently this song explains my tough battle with a disease commonly found in my age range known as procrastination.


Against, Rise. "Behind Closed Doors." The Sufferer & the Witness. DGC Records 2006. compact disc,

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More than anything I try to remain calm and maintain my inner peace. I feel doing so allows me to listen instead of hear, see instead of just watch, and make more rational decisions. For example, if there is a topic that is considered controversial I think that this would help me come to a more reasonable decision by observing both sides and not allowing emotion or personal feelings to create bias.


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As a society we are becoming weary of trusting other people.

I think that being weary of trusting people is hindering our society from advancing as quickly as it could. Understandably it can be worrying trusting a complete stranger, however, I feel if more people would trust that everyone is working toward a common goal, there would not be so much corruption caused by people focusing on their self interests.


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