A Day At The SUES

Landen Z.

Time Is Money At The SUES

When we spend time working hard it always ends up paying off. Also the teachers are working you hard just to get you to your best. As long as you stay out of trouble you will have a good year. Just reach for the stars.

Look if you listen and stay away from the wrong who will get you in trouble you'll be fine. But if you get in pretty deep water you'll be in Mrs. Mahar office. trust me you don't want to go there. When you are not doing your work you may get held back.

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Movie Bannza

Hope you get Mrs. Payne because you'll get to watch a movie after the PARCC. We got to watch Nemo and Madagascar 3. Also we got to bring in a snack. when the movie was over we all clapped.

During the movie I remember playing with those little puff balls. But some people didn't share with one one other. If you see people were still sharing. My say is that we should be allowed to share.

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The Bus Is Fun

When you get on the bus it's a journey to find a seat. Even though people seem really nice dose not mean they want you to sit there. Some bus drivers allow you to eat on the bus but don't abuse that rule. If you do it will be taken away.

If you get in trouble you'll be put to the front and won't get a free choice of seat. That stinks because you can't talk to any of your friends for the hole ride. Also your not allowed to have your phones out or the driver might take it. then you won't get it back.

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