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Ryan Hilliard

What IS silt?

Small particles of rich soil. Silt is important for farmers to have enough crops to sell and make a living. It washes up on the banks every flood.
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Phosphate... What is it?

Mineral salt used in fertilizer. To help grow crops and kill weeds for farmers.
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What are aquifers?

Underground rock layer with water in it. They supply a large amount of people in the desert with fresh water.

Do we need the Aswan Dam?

1 It can store water during droughts for people to drink.

2 It holds more water for crops.

3 A problem is it holds back silt for crops.

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Sahara Desert: how big is it?

1The Sahara is the largest desert in the world (3,600,000 sq. miles

2 It stretches across most of Egypt and other countries.

3 As a comparison, it is about the size of the US.

Exploring the Sahara Desert, Morocco - Lonely Planet travel video

Were is it going? What libya's oil money goes to.

The money Libya makes goes to a lot of things. For one it is to build hospitals and schools. Another one is for food. A large amount goes to build a military. So don't worry, the money goes towards Good things.
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Aswan Dam