Mixed Economy

By Marilena De Luca | Block 4 | 5-5-15|

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Who controls the economy?

Both the private sector and state directs the economy which is mixed of capitalist and socialist

Roles of the citizens/people?

The American free enterprise system includes private ownership. Private businesses produces goods & services,& almost 2/3 of the nation's total economic output goes to individuals for personal use . part of the economy is left to the free market, and part of it is run by the government.

Freedoms of the people?

Freedom is not provided for it is taken or enjoyed. If 1 enjoys freedom then they are free, if they do not they are not, then, free. . Once any government has controlled a free market, that market is no longer free. Only to some amount of a mixed economy is free, but since it includes government control,..to some degree the market is not free and some is

Producer and Consumer Interaction

In this system,, supply and demand make the prices of goods and services. Entrepreneurs are free to make businesses. Only if they can provide goods or services of a quality& price to compete with others, they are driven from the market, so only the most efficient & those who best serve the public remain in business.

-Where is it?

3 specific examples

Some examples of countries that have mixed economies include Iceland, China and the United States.

-Defend it!

Why is my economy the best?

its the best because it includes Social justice which means it gives a chance of wealth , opportunities and privileges within a society. also b/c its progressing equality within everyone evem because 1 can still run a business w/o government control. The mixture of capitalism and socialism does good for everybody. Everyone isn't fully satisfied, but everyone is at least partly satisfied. .

Weakness of the other economies

-market economy system weakness - unemployment, certain goods & services may not be encougages & last of all the ignore of the social contrast.

-command economy stystem weaknesses- 1 is that it is not designed to meet the wants of consumers, even though many basic needs are provided, another is that the system does not give people the incentive to work hard.. Also a 3rd weakness of a command economy is that it does not have the flexibility to deal with minor, day-to-day problems.

-traditional economy system weaknesses - restrictcts individual initative &also lack of goods, new technology, & growth

Why should my economy run the world?

b/c it allow many more freedoms than other economy would . like the freedom of production also b/c mixed economy has a high level of state participation & spending, leading to tax-funded libraries, schools, hospitals, roads, utilities, legal assistance,& others. Even businesses make greater goods, such as environmental & labor regulation, antitrust & intellectual property laws. With all of these freedoms & restrictions is meant to ensure a great standard of living for the population as a whole.

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