Spartan, Viking, Knight, or Roman

A Mini-Project

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Your task is to....

  • Research Spartans, Vikings, Knights, and Romans to find out more about them

  • Think about which kind of life you would most like to live

  • Present your decision by writing a paragraph and creating a product to share with the group

Parts of the Project

  • KWL chart -- what you know and what you want to know

  • Research sheets for each group

  • Decision paragraph

  • Final Product

  • Presentation

KWL chart

  • Tell what you know about each group in the first column of boxes

  • Tell what you want/need to know in the second column of boxes

  • Leave the last column of boxes empty for now

Final Product Choices

  • A Poster on paper

  • A Smore newsletter like this one

  • A comic strip on paper

  • A comic strip using powtoons

Steps in the Research Process (The Big 6)

  • Define your task

  • Choose your Sources

  • Find Your Sources

  • Use Your Information

  • Evaluate Your Product

Define Your Task

What is my job for this project?

Choose and Find Your Sources

What sources would be the best to find information on my topic?

Where can I find them?

How do I pick the best ones?

For this project, you will be given a list of sources to use! :)

Use the Information

Determine what you already know and what you need/want to know.

Take notes on your research sheets.

Note the sources that you used for your information.

Present the information

Write your decision paragraph.

Create your final product.

Share it with the class.

Reflect on your project

Use the project rubrics to score your work