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Fast Facts

Continent: Europe Capital: Rome Population: 61,885,120 Area: 166,348 Main Language: Italian Main Religion(s) Christian Distance from Washington D.C.: 4,498.75


Man & Women Shake hands, or the man takes her hand, bows, and kisses it. Friends Kiss each others cheeks, or shake hands. If you have a dirty hand, you can offer them your finger, fore-arm, or an apology.


1. A dictator named Benito Mussolini ruled over Italy from 1922-1943 and initially aided Adolf Hitler in World War II. 2. Italy established itself as a republic in the 1946 elections.


To be proper at the dinner table, Italians use their fork with their left hand, a knife in their right hand, and hands on the dinner table. It is considered in-proper if you put your hands in your lap.


Usually, Italian family's live in houses, villas, and apartments, which are mostly in the country(south). Their décor are brick structures, covered with white or cream colored plaster, and topped with a Mediterranean Red Roof.

Things I would like to see and do in this country

I would like to dine in one of Italy's restaurants, I would like to see the beautiful houses,villas, or apartments, I would like to visit near January 6th, so I could celebrate Epiphany(an Italian Holiday), and I would like to greet Italians the way they greet others.
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