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Who are the People in Our City?

During the next two weeks we will continue to discuss community helpers. We will focus on construction workers and pilots. We will also bring into our discussions previous community helpers we have talked about during class. We have introduced the name of our city to the children. They enjoy singing the "Wheels on the Fire Truck" song with the ending line for each verse is "In the city of Fishers!"

Ms. Stephie's Speech Spot

Hello Speech Families! We will continue talking and learning about Community Helpers and various modes of Transportation over the next two weeks. Activities will include where different modes of transportation go, i.e., track, road , water, etc. as well as different features such as wings, wheels, etc. We will also incorporate community helpers in our theme. We will talk about what different jobs people do, where they work, and what kinds of objects are needed to help them perform their jobs. Skills will focus on making inferences and associations as well as developing vocabulary and application skills, i.e., using existing information to problem solve and answer questions related to our theme. I will incorporate games and other activities that allow the children to practice turn talking, waiting, and using language in social situations with teachers and peers. Home ideas: race different vehicles on the kitchen floor and talk about fast/slow, first/last, descriptive features of different vehicles, counting/sorting into categories ( land, air, water). In terms of community helpers, ask your child what they would like to be and why. Include questions about uniform, transportation, and items or objects needed to that type of job. Give clues about a community helper to see if your child can guess who you are talking about. Include questions about the functions of the tools or objects for different jobs to provide language expansion opportunities. Have fun and be creative!


Weather permitting, we will try to go outside each day, even for just a little bit of time. Please send your child to school with any items you feel are necessary to keep your child warm. Thanks!


  1. Spring Break is Friday, 4/3-Sunday, 4/12. We will return to school on Monday, 4/13.
  2. Save the date, Wednesday, 4/22 for our next EC Parent Night. More information to come later.

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