3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending January 16, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Just a few reminders...

DNR... stands for Do Not Remove... and it's referring to the spelling words that will be stapled in your child's agenda :) Please keep these in your agenda so they can be used both for spelling homework, but also for the Friday test. Each child has a different list, so it becomes hard to keep track of their words unless they're in agendas. Thanks!

Pencils and Eraser Caps... if you would like to donate them, our supply is gone. Thank you!!

PARCC... my eboard has a link to a tutorial for PARCC. This is a great resource for the kids, which we went through together at the computer lab on Thursday. You can also review it at home to see what the PARCC looks like, to find out about the tools that are available for use during the test, and to even try sample testing! More links will be on my eboard with sample tests, and we will be practicing them together in class.

Have a great, long, holiday weekend!


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by Brady, Jack, & Mikey

In Mrs. Adams' class, we did "What does the shape say?" It's the same as "What does the fox say?" We made up and sang songs about shapes and their attributes. Mrs. Adams drew a fox with shapes all around it and after we shared our clues, our class guessed what shape it was. Then Mrs. Adams recorded us singing and made a video.

We have been working on geometry in Mrs. Adams' class. Do you know what a quadrangle is? Well we do! Quadrangles are shapes with 4 sides and they have to have straight lines. They are also polygons. Do you know what a polygon is? They are shapes with 3 or more sides, the lines have to be straight, and they have to be connected. Parallelograms are also polygons (and quadrangles). Do you know what they are? They are shapes with 2 sets of parallel sides, and it can only have 4 sides or it's not a parallelogram.

Hope you learned about geometry!

Check out our video below to find out... "What Did the Shape Say?"

What Does the Shape Say?

what does the shape say?
Polygon Song


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by Mackenzie & Maya

Hey parents! We learned about chemistry! First we mixed chemicals with water. We leveled a spoon full of chemicals and we poured them onto some wax paper. Then we put 6 drops of water into the chemical. We got to observe what happened. Some turned into liquids, some solids, some changed color, some felt grainy, and some felt smooth.

Then, the next time we went to the science lab, we mixed our chemical with 10 milliliters of water. We only got to do the first chemical (there are 5) but the one we did dissolved in the water! It was called a solution. A solution is something that mixes together and dissolves, so the water stays clear, like sugar and water. We thought about putting sugar cubes into coffee or tea, and how it dissolves. We also learned about suspensions, which do not mix together well, like water and oil. We thought about salad dressing, oil and vinegar, how the oil sits on top.

The last thing we did after pouring the chemical into 10 mL of water was pour it through a filter into a petri dish. We are learning about filtration, to see if the water and chemicals filter through. We'll see what happens next week when we look at the dish and filter.

Check out our video and pictures below as we experiment.

We are having so much fun in science!

Mystery Chemicals
chemistry rocks

Writer's Workshop

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by Arabella, Erin, and Jane Lynn

In writing, we worked on revising. It is so exciting to find out that we are almost done with our books! We love to learn new ways to make our stories better, and that's what revising is! Revising is cool because we make our stories more interesting and exciting. Our stories come from our love of learning. We love writing!

Introducing our Star Student... Olivia!