The Goshen Gazette

February 2021

From the Principal - Mr. Graves

Greetings Goshen Families!

Welcome to February 2021. We continue to navigate our way through the many challenges of doing school in the midst of a pandemic. Each day staff and students are doing all they can to engage in quality teaching and learning both in the hybrid model and the distance learning model, while at the same time being sure to do the best at keeping everyone healthy and safe. As I have written before, this is a challenge that none of us expected or asked for, but please know we thank you for your ongoing support and all that you are doing to work with us and your students to help them to continue their learning. Together we will get through this.

Covid-19 Dashboard

With all the pandemic information that is constantly coming at us, the Gahanna Jefferson Public School district has develop a COVID microsite to house important information.

The website resource is meant to be a one-stop shop for all COVID-19-related district information. The site,, includes the very latest updates to families, weekly COVID-19 district data, valuable health and safety information and helpful resources. Check it out.

School Pictures

As much as we can, we are trying to keep some normalcy to school and school events. One thing that we will keep this year are the school pictures. Students, both hybrid and distance learning, will have their school picture taken on February 17 or February 18. COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. Please see the below calendar information for details.

Success Tips

When you pass a gas station, have your child note the price of a gallon of gas and calculate how much it would cost to fill up your tank. For example, if gas is $2.35 a gallon and your tank holds 12 gallons, he would need to multiply $2.35 x 12 = $28.20.

Cuando pasen por una gasolinera, pida a su hijo que anote el precio de un galón de gasolina y calcule cuánto le costaría llenar el tanque. Por ejemplo, si la gasolina cuesta $2.35 por galón y su tanque tiene capacidad para 12 galones, tendría que multiplicar $2.35 x 12 = $28.20.

In honor of Groundhog Day, investigate shadows with your child. In a dark room, she can place small toys on paper and shine a flashlight on them from different angles. How does the position of the light change the sizes and shapes of the shadows?

En homenaje al Día de la Marmota, investigue sombras con su hijo. En una habitación a oscuras, su hijo puede poner juguetes pequeños y alumbrarlos con una linterna desde distintos ángulos. ¿Cómo cambia la posición de la luz los tamaños y las formas de las sombras?

Playing with a dictionary can teach your child to enjoy language. Let him secretly choose a word and give family members clues to guess it. He might read its definition and then its synonyms or language of origin. Whoever figures it out first picks the next word.

Jugar con un diccionario le enseña a su hijo a disfrutar del lenguaje. Pídale que elija una palabra y dé pistas a sus familiares para que la adivinen. Puede leer su definición y luego sus sinónimos o el idioma de origen. Quien adivine primero elegirá la siguiente palabra.

Support our PTA

Even in the midst of a pandemic, our PTA continues to be an invaluable asset to our school. If you are not a member, please consider joining and supporting this wonderful group of parents. You can start by attending this month's meeting. The meeting will be held via zoom beginning at 7:00 p.m. February 9. You can join the meeting by clicking the following link and entering the Meeting ID and Passcode information.

Goshen Lane PTA Meeting

Meeting ID: 797 5982 7626

Passcode: GLPTA2020

In the mean time, check out the PTA newsletter for and update on PTA happenings.

Happening in February

  • February 4 - Distance learning for all students
  • February 5 - Distance learning for all students
  • February 8 - Hybrid Blue Group in building learning
  • February 9 - Virtual PTA Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
  • February 11 - Valentine's Day Celebration (see information from classroom teachers)
  • February 12 - Staff Professional Development Day (no school for students)
  • February 15 - President's Day (no school for students)
  • February 17 - Parent Teacher Conference Day
  • February 17 - Student Picture Day (Blue Group)
  • February 18 - Student Picture Day (Gold Group)
  • February 18 - Student Picture Day (Distance Learning Group) 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
  • February 25 - Parent Teacher Conference Day
  • March 1- Hybrid Blue Group in building learning