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CSIRO tracking stations and telescope facilities

telescope users

More then 80% of the Australia telescopes users are from outside the CSIRO.

The Australian telescope is used a lot. There are many more requests to use it then can be accomadated.

Australia telescope national facilities

CSIRO manages the Australia telescope for use by researchers and astronomers from all around Australia and all around the world 24 hours a day, every day.

the australia telescope

The Australian telescope is made up of radio telescopes at three observations

near the towns if Parkes, Coonabarabram and Narrabri in New South Wales.

Tecnology Supporters

Operating the Australian telescope require skills and expertise in the design of highly complex technical systems.


The Tracking Stations contribute to our knowledge of the Solar System through communicating and tracking with exploring space crafts.

Through careful observations and tools, astronomers have learned a lot about our Solar System, our galaxy and beyond. Through using the Australian telescope facilities, Astronomers have discovered that the universe is about 13 billion years old. Scientists have also figured out that the approximate times when different cosmic events happened such as when the galaxy and Earth was formed.