U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

By Nacho Stauffer


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is tasked with the protection of our borders. Officers working in the agency patrol the U.S. border, but they also regulate international trade, enforce U.S. regulations, and watch over customs and immigration.


The average salary range is:

$51,630 - $67,114

Travel, Advantages, and Danger

A job in as an agent requires watch over a certain part of the U.S , so agents will be assigned to that area. If their post moves, agents must also move to that section of the U.S. The job can and will be dangerous, as illegal immigrants and drug trafficking are common. Agents must be able to defend the line and themselves from terrorists that might want to get in the country. Officers and agents that have worked in the agency for 20 years may retire early at 50.

Required Education

All agents require a 55 day "basic academy" in which they learn skills for the job. After this, agents that do not know the language or dialect that is the most used near their assigned posts have to take an additional amount of training to learn the language. Jobs next to Mexico require the officers to be proficient in Spanish. Also the agents must have no criminal background and must have lived for three years in the U.S. Agents must also be younger than 40 and have a driver's license.