What is helping stop this cause?

How I help to stop poverty

How do I help reduce poverty?

One way I help is by donating food to food banks. The food banks give the food to people who or poor. This helps poor people by letting them live longer. Also this helps stop poverty because the people who are poor will have something eat with their family or by them self.

I also help reduce poverty by donating money to different charities. The charities give money to hospitals for poor people get the medical help they need and may not have the money for

Another way I help is donating clothing, shoes and other items to the Salvation army. That helps poverty because people can come to the Salvation Army and get things they may need to help them that they may not be able to afford.

A final reason how I will help stop poverty is doing research online. Research will give me more ideas on how I can help reduce and stop poverty.

Next I will be talking about how Canada and International causes stop poverty.

How does CANADA help?

How does Canada help stop poverty?

One way that Canada stops poverty is the creation of the Salvation Army have food banks to help the poor get food or have meals. The Salvation Army also help lower poverty because they give emergency shelter to the people that need it a lot. The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people that are in need. They want to help people feel and give the hope that they need.

Another organization that helps the cause is Canada Without Poverty. This is also a non-profit organization that helps eliminate poverty. The have created a campaign called, Dignity For All. This group feels that people who are having a hard time, need to be treated nicely. People should not be mean to them.

In 1998, the percent of children in poverty was 15.8, and in 2012, the amount of children in poverty went up to 19.8. That is not good because the amount of children in poverty went up. This happened in Toronto.


How do other countries help reduce poverty?

One place that stops poverty internationally is UNICEF. They help stop poverty by

providing items to kids in winter (e.g clothes and blankets). That helps stop poverty because the kids who are poor will have things to keep them warm in the winter. They don't just help people in Canada, but worldwide. Also, UNICEF helps stop poverty by visiting countries that need help, such as Syria. That helps stop poverty because they know which countries to most focus on to help people struggling with poverty.

Another group that helps stop poverty is the CARE foundation. Like UNICEF, this group helps stop poverty by traveling to countries to raise awareness to stop poverty. They want to let people around the work know what is happening in places that are struggling and how other that are ok to help. This program also helps and sets up programs to help poverty. The CARE foundation also helps stop poverty by making a dignity for all plan to stop poverty.

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These are sites where you people can start to stop poverty by donating.