Hoover RISE Mentoring Program

Volunteers needed!

Big picture

You Can Make an Impact - Become a Mentor!

Commit just 30 minutes a week (during the school day) with these three simple steps:

  • Complete Mentoring Application and free background check.
  • Get prepared during a Mentoring Program training session.
  • Meet your student and begin the fulfilling journey together!

Our Mentoring Program

  • Share. Experiences, wisdom, knowledge, stories, laughter.
  • Listen. Be more than a voice. Lend an ear.
  • Teach. Leadership, accountability, compassion, understanding.
  • Foster. Confidence, growth, self-reliance, achievement.

Our Mission

To leverage the expertise and compassion of Hoover community members toward ensuring that Hoover City Schools students maximize academic achievement, personal development, and their sense of belonging.

Our Vision

A collaborative spirit that removes barriers and cultivates potential.