The Blake Buzz

March 16-20, 2015

Upcoming Events in March

16 Academic Team students go to Smyrna for Written Assessments


Faculty Meeting 4pm- KTIP teachers present PD on Mindfulness & Notebooking

Susan will go over TPGES artifacts for uploading in CIITS (for teachers not on

summative evaluation year)

23 SBDM 4:05pm

24 Faculty Meeting 4pm

27 Pay Day

26 Staff Potluck- Loaded Baked Potato Bar

28 (Sat.) JCPS Elem. Academic Tournament for Quick Recall team

31 Class Picture Day (Uniform Break Day)

31 Faculty Meeting 4pm

Teacher Evaluation Update

Teachers who are their summative year for evaluations--

All observations must be completed no later than April 15. Susan and Ryan will be completing drop-in observations over the next few weeks.

Teachers who are not in their summative year will be given a rating in CIITS for this practice year. You will upload artifacts under the four teacher standards. More info will be given at the faculty meeting this week. You may also read through the PowerPoints I sent you for details. (Next year, all certified staff will use this process.)

*All certified staff will look at their growth plans and reflect on progress toward reaching their goals.