Basic First Aid for Children

keep your child alive

Checking and Injured or Ill Child

1. Check for responsiveness by asking them if they are okay.

  • For infants rub the bottom of their foot.
2. If there is no response call 911, if unconscious have the child's head up and neck and back in a straight line. If alone wait and provide care for two minutes then call 911.

3. Open their airway.

4. Check for breathing.

  • Changes in breathing are normal for infants.
  • Gasping is not breathing.
5. If not breathing give two rescue breaths by tilting the head back and lifting the chin up, sealing the mouth, pinching the nose, and blowing in for one second to make the chest clearly rise.

  • Child- Pinch the nose and make a seal over the mouth.
  • Infant- make a seal around the mouth and nose.
6. Scan for severe bleeding.

7. If there is no breathing perform CPR, if there is monitor for any changes in breathing and if the chest does not clearly rise after rescue breaths perform unconscious choking.

5 Safety Tips

1. When a child has a seizure to not restrain or hold the child.

2. When performing CPR on an infant make sure to only push 1 1/2 inches deep rather than the child and adult version of pushing in 2 inches.

3. Always monitor the breathing of anyone who is injured or may be in a dangerous situation.

4. Comfort and reassure children that everything will be okay.

5. When an infant is choking place two or three fingers at the breath bone and compress 1 1/2 inches deep.

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