The "Hero" Andrew Jackson

because he gave the poor money and not selfish

National Bank

Andrew Jackson was a good man by taking down the national bank and wanted to give all the money to the poor and the reason why Andrew Jackson wanted to take it down because he thought the rich was only getting the advantage to be able to put money in the bank.

the spoil system

the spoil system was really to do about when Andrew Jackson was going to tell people to do stuff that they didn't want to do whatever he said but who ever did not want to agree with him he would fire them and finally one person agreed and finally and they did it.

the moments in history

the Cherokee nation

this when the trail of tears happened and what was going on was they were wanting the land that the Cherokee Indians were on because there was gold they said move away this is are land now so the Cherokees got up and left they didn't fight because they didn't want to make a mess of things.