persuasive smore

by Joseph tidwell

should students as young as 14 be able to play sports?

1st reason

Some kids need to provide for their own family because their own family can not bring enough money in from their own jobs. So they need to make their own money to buy stuff for their own family and support them.


It is the right thing to do because some families are poor. Then some kids don't even have a dad or mom to support for them so they need money to buy clothes and stuff for their oneself. Or they are living with a brother or sister and they have to support each other.


Also because they need to learn responsibility. Some kids do not know what responsibility is. But a lot of kids are not responsible. So if they get into a job it will help them learn how to be responsible and learn how to take care of their priorities.


if students are working at a young age then they can start saving up for important things like cars or maybe even college. Also the different skills they learn and different jobs they work at will help them on their college application and help make colleges consider you more.


kids can handle both overloads of school and work.
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