Genius Project Proposal

Endangered Wolves

What I Plan To Do:

I Will...

  • Take notes and research my topic
  • Write paragraphs in my own words
  • Create a trifold
  • Make a website
  • Include links (donating to wolves)
  • Present my information

Questions About My Project:

How I Plan To Present My Project!

I plan to make a trifold. The middle section will be my opinion about wolves. The left side will be a farmers point of view, and the right will be a conservationists point of view. That's how I will present my information!

Why Is My Idea Genius?

My idea is genius because, people will want to take action and help wolves. If that happens wolves will once again populate the Earth!

What Will People Learn From Your Project?

People will learn the importance of keeping animals alive! Also, they will learn that we need to protect livestock as well as wolves!

What Will You Get Out Of This Project?

It will help me learn how to use technology for research. Also, I will try to find a way to help wolves.

Genius Hour Project Endangered Wolves