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October 2018 - April 2019


Open call for 3 participants to involve in a long-term EVS project to be held from 17th October 2018 until 18th April 2019 (6 months).


With the YouREC project, it intends to face the increasing levels of youth marginality from the

point of view of empowerment and the need for inclusive societies in Europe, places where

young people can take action, contribute to their own growth and the community. In young

people with migration background, in particular those who have applied for international

protection, there are low levels of self-efficacy and internal locus of control; often, many young migrants who find themselves living in challenging environments, lose the motivation to seek new opportunities and to cultivate themselves by exploiting their potential.

You.REC project aims to promote the empowerment and active citizenship of young people

through the approach and methods of non-formal learning, as a tool capable of stimulating

creative thinking and active adaptation to reality.

A total of 10 volunteers will be involved, of which 6 for activities of six months and 4 for

two-month activities.

The project involves the realization of an EVS project that embraces the issues of marginalization and empowerment of young people, active citizenship, human rights and the social inclusion of refugees.

The activities will take place in the cities where they are based host organizations, in contact with young people and families, natives and migrants.

Euraccion (Spain), Rota Jovem (Portugal), Hors Pistes (France) are partner organizations,

together with CEIPES as the coordinator.

The project is financed by European Commission through Erasmus+ programme.

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CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

CEIPES is a European NGO with office in 9 EU member countries with the mission to foster and

support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment

through education and training, human rights and international cooperation.

Since the 2009 Ceipes hosts and sends Evs volunteers supporting activities of capacity building,

intercultural dialogue, innovation, integration and social inclusion; at local and international

level the association’s network is composed by different parties, private, public and no profit,

cooperating for the same purpose: Human development.

In Palermo Ceipes support the integration and inclusion of unaccompanied minors and people

with social obstacles, organizes training and social events using non-formal education methods.

Visit our website to discover more about Ceipes work .


  • Country of origin: 1 participant from Portugal, 1 from Spain, 1 from France;
  • Aged between 18 and 30;
  • Strong motivation and connection towards Ceipes’ activities and values behind it;
  • Interest in getting involved into activities involving migrants for supporting their integration;
  • Motivated to support Ceipes’ activities from the logistic tasks to the facilitation of group dynamics;
  • Interested to learn about new cultures and exchange of experiences;
  • Available to participate to the all project duration
  • Available to attend the follow up phase when volunteers will produce a booklet containing experiences of the volunteers involved and gather best practices for a successful EVS experience , and carry out the dissemination activities of the project’s results.

The volunteer will be selected taking in account more the attitude and willingness in getting involved in the project than his/her knowledge and competences.

We consider important that the volunteers possess spirit of initiative, patience and the intention to cooperate with the staff, the interns and the other volunteers, as well as the willingness to take part in the different activities proposed.

CEIPES will positively evaluate the candidates who show sense of responsibility, respect towards the volunteering “work” and commitment to our volunteering project framework. In any case we will never consider discriminatory factors as ethnicity, sex and gender identity, political beliefs, age, etc.

Other aspects that will be taken into account are the candidates’ maturity, ability to take decisions, enthusiasm and offered, and the level of commitment to the project framework.

The selecting process will be done evaluating motivations and interests of each volunteer, as

well as an open-minded and intercultural attitude. No one willing to participate will be ever

excluded for whatever reason (economical difficulties; social or geographical obstacles; cultural or ideological differences; sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, sex and gender identity, etc.).


The activities in which volunteers will be involved can be related to the following areas,

according with the ongoing projects:

  • Supporting Ceipes’ local projects on intercultural dialogue (CEIPES Museum of Human Rights & Migration, Living Library or Arte Migrante for example).
  • Facilitating artistic and expressive workshop with children and youth at school.
  • Participation in local social events supporting migration.
  • Supporting the project management work.
  • Supporting Ceipes daily work in and out of office.
  • Helping with logistic during international project in Palermo.
  • Activities of social inclusion with children and youth, autochthonous and migrants,
  • among youth centers.
  • Cooperation and logistic support in the projects on youth and social inclusion promoted by Ceipes in Palermo.
  • Participation to Ceipes web radio
  • Support in the back office work (updating the website and the EVS blog, administrative
  • tasks related to the internal work of the organization).
  • Italian class.
  • Open space for the implementation of Volunteers project ideas.
  • Peer mentoring

LEARNING OUTCOMES EXPECTED: Persona, educational and professional development

Knowledge: learning about migration social dynamics; getting to know the Non-formal education approach and methods; getting to know new economical, social, political and cultural

context(s); learning a new language; learning about Human Rights; learning on Erasmus+ programme and the European dimension.

Attitudes: development of tolerance, empathy, intercultural understanding, sensitiveness to

the respects of the Human Rights,positive attitude in facing conflicts.

Competences: resilience; management of Non Formal Education activities; how to facilitate

workshops; linguistic skill (Italian), digital competences, intercultural abilities in

communication; competences on project management (starting from self-project management)


The Evs and the competences acquired will be recognized through the Youth Pass - European

certificate – that will be filled by volunteers with the support of the tutor and delivered at the

end of the completed mobility.


The voluntary service covers:

● Your travel expenses from your city to Palermo and back (return ticket) till Euro 275,00;

● All the fees for visa and residence permission;

● Insurance (health, accident and liability insurance);

● Accommodation (a bad in a single, double or triple room in a shared apartment);

● Pocket money in the amount of 120 euros per month;

● Food allowance 150 euros per month;

● Participation to the on-arrival training and mid-term evaluation meeting.


If you are interested to participate, please send us your CV and Motivational Letter in English

language with the subject “APPLICATION for YOU.REC at CEIPES”

Deadline: 30th of September 2018


Mariella Xavier – Evs Project coordinator

Via G. La Farina, 21 90141 Palermo (PA) Italy

Tel. 0039 0917848236


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