Mrs. Rent's Classroom Newsletter

For the week of August 31-September 4th


Mondays are our library days! Please remind your child to return his/her books on or before Monday each week. Next week our library day will change because of Labor Day. I will send out a reminder on remind 101.


This week in Literacy we focused on what does it look like/sound like for buddy reading. We practiced reading with our buddy! This will be one of the stations when we really start reading workshop in full force. They were magnificent! We also talked about reader's response. We talked about how it is always good to reflect and write down your thoughts after reading. They made connections with the book we read as a class and also told about their favorite part of the book and why it was their favorite part.

In Math we talk about what is a number and how do we use numbers. The students closed their eyes an imagined they were driving down the street. After opening their eyes they told me all of the things they thought about. They named different ways in which we use numbers in real life. Some of their answers were: we use numbers for street signs, their address to their house, ingredients when we are cooking, clock to tell time, calendar to know what the date is, to count, numbers to call our parents, and many, many, more. We also worked on patterns and how to find a pattern. Our new words in math this week were part, whole, addend, and pattern.,

We started working in collaboration with third grade this week. They are our new Big buddies. Every Thursday afternoon we will meet with Mrs. Omeish's class and read!!

Upcoming Events

September 7: Labor Day- No School

September 11: Half day for teacher PD

September 18: Tye Dye Day

September 25: Grillin and Chillin

September 25th or October 5: Nature Field Trip

October 1: Road Runner Rally

October 13th-15th: Parent/teacher Conferences

Kids A-Z

I have set up an account with our class where your child can read different books on the app Kids A-Z. All you have to do is download the app from you app store and type in frent0. Your child's name should pop up with their correct reading level. Should be up and running by tomorrow. If you have any question let me know.

There are 3 ways to read a book

There are 3 ways to read a book. The first night you get the book your child can take a picture walk. The second night your child can read the words. The third night your child can retell the story. The fourth night your child can reread the book. I always tell them good readers reread their book to find details they may have missed the first time. Last night they have the book they can write a summary or write a reader's response to the book.
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Have lunch with the teacher coupon

A couple of my friends decided to use their have lunch with the teacher coupons today. We enjoyed each other through conversation. We talked about their excitement for our very long weekend coming up!!!

Parent Teacher Conferences

If you have not yet signed up for a time please email me or call me this week for availability please and thank you!