Mariah Hernandez


I am best friends with a girl named Marisela mainly because she is very loud and outgoing while i am quit shy and introverted. Because of her I've done things I wouldn't have done.


I used to be best friends with a girl named Dani and this year i realized it was because i saw her everyday and we had some classes but this year we have no classes so we just stopped talking.

Ego-Support Value

Nancy is a close friend that I've been friends with since middle school, at any time of the day i can text her about how I'm stressed or how upset i am and she'll Skype me and tell me everything will be alright and help me. Shes also helped me with my anxiety which is great (:

Physical Apperance

In 3rd grade i felt so honored to be friends with one of the most popular girls in school, as i grew older i realized how terrible of a person she was

First Impressions

  1. Manners, i can not stand un polite people they are rude and i don't need rude people in my life
  2. Humor, if they understand my humor and i find theirs funny then I'll most likely get along with them

Categorizing Friends

  1. Music Taste
  2. Humor
  3. Shoulder to cry on
  4. Opinion


  • Rich people are snobs
  • White people are privileged

My Opinions on Controversial Topics

Gun Control: Its needed many lives have been lost due to the fact that people can easily have a gun and shoot people, because they want to. It keeps being proven that there are too many irresponsible people out there.
Donald Trump: He's gotta go. Also that video of the bald eagle attacking him was hilarious 10 out of 10 would recommend for a friend to watch!!
Dress Code: Dress code is not fair to girls, I've seen guys get away with really short shorts and they get to wear tank tops but we cant? If my are shoulders distracting to a male then that is their own personal problem, god forbid girls show shoulders, legs, etc. I want to be able to wear summer clothing so i don't die from the Texas heat!!

My Very Amazing Mother's Opinions

Gun Control: 50/50, we need guns to protect ourselves and the ones we love, brought up her brothers experience with protecting himself with a gun.
Donald Trump: He's an idiot and a joke! She doesn't agree with his points, he always finds a new race to hate against.
Dress Code: They're preparing you to dress professionally in the real world, when in doubt don't wear it.