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Placerita Jr. High School - November 11, 2019

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This Week at Placerita 11.11.19

Welcome to Week Four of Quarter Two!

This Wednesday is the Cross Country Meet at Central Park at 10:00 AM. All the Jr. High Schools in the valley will be competing. Go Miners!

Placerita will have a team of 8th graders representing us at the Speech Competition this Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM at Arroyo Seco. If you would like to join us, drop in and cheer them on.

This Friday is the date for the progress report for the second quarter. Remind your students to review what they have due and get it all complete before Friday.

Let's have a great week.

Pictures from Robotics Competetion

This past weekend our robotics program co-sponsored the Orange FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournament. We also had 4 teams competing in the event. All of our teams exceeded our expectation and did extremely well. And one team, The Placerita Construction Crew, consisting of Erik Kline, Owen Rusk, Russell Robes, Elizabeth Katz and Owen Sucheck, was able to excel and be selected to move onto the Championship Tournament at Legoland next month. Holly and Paul are very proud of our teams. Congratulations to all the teams that competed.
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Newcomer Field Trip to the Library

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There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism. Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Quotes. (n.d.). BrainyQuote.com. Retrieved November 12, 2019, from BrainyQuote.com Web site: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/alexander_hamilton_391019

Why ‘the Best’? Will Good Do Instead?

FROM Dave Stuart's Blog

November 5, 2019 By Dave Stuart Jr.

We lose all kinds of energy and vitality when we aim to be the best at something rather than trying to be good at it.

Aiming at best will guide our hearts toward competition, comparison, and viewing others as threats. It has to. That’s what best means. There can only be one. Best means scarcity. Only one person wins with best.

Good, on the other hand, tends toward cooperation, learning, and viewing others as collaborators. It really has to. The quickest path to getting good at something is to learn from people who are better than you. But there can be infinity people who are good at something. Good means plenty. Everybody can win with good. In your school, right now, every teacher can become good at teaching, but only one can become best.

In most domains of life, there’s a way to try being best and there’s a way to try being good. In almost all cases, the superior path is the one that aims at being good.

In teaching, it’s always wiser to aim at being good. Aiming at best is a waste of effort. It’s actually a pretty good way to make sure you’ll never be the best. So stop trying. Be ///////credible instead.

In leading professional development, it’s always wiser to aim at being good. Take it from a guy who knows: trying to be the best PD person is soul-sucking, but trying to be a good PD person will give you life and purpose in the work.

The only domains where “best” is the better way are those over which we have total control. This year, I’d like to be the best husband Crystal has ever had. I’d like to be better than Last Year Dave was. I’d like to love her and appreciate her and like her and enjoy her more than that guy, that punk . And guess what? Those things I just listed depend completely on me — not my circumstances, not Crystal, just me. These are the only circumstances I’ve found where competition and comparison make me more of a human, not less.

So if you want to compete with someone, compete with you! Competing with Past You is good, clean fun. Picking on her is, too. After all, she tried her best!

And this year, we will, too.

DAVE STUART JR. is a husband, father, and high school teacher who writes about education. He reads extensively across the disciplines so that he can create uniquely satisfying professional development experiences for his colleagues around the world. His mission is to encourage and equip educators on the journey to long-term flourishing and professional excellence.

Link to above article below...

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Important Dates for Parents this Fall

Miner Munchies

We will need your help with snacks for staff. We will send out Sign-up Genius forms for each event. Two events this Fall - October 18 and December 13

Placerita Parent Organization

Breakfast Meetings - Right after Drop-off in the morning in Tanner Hall.

Two more in the Winter and Spring - January 15 and March 18

Student of the Month Meetings for Selected Students (Parents Invited)

December 6, February 7, March 6, and May 1

Placerita's Calendar for 2019-2020

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Click on the link below for a PDF of the calendar above

Important Upcoming Dates in November at Placerita

  • Veterans Day No School 11/11 Holiday

  • Department meeting week 11/12 All Week

  • Leadership Team meeting 11/13 2:45 Room 44

  • 2nd Progress 11/15 For 2nd Qtr

  • Spirit Week 11/18-11/22

  • Faculty Meeting 11/20 2:45 Library

  • Staff vs Students Dodgeball Game 11/22 Extended Brunch

  • Turkey Bowl 11/22 12 -1 pm

  • Thanksgiving Holiday 11/25-29 Holiday

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Placerita Jr. High School

Placerita has been serving Jr. High students in Newhall for almost 60 years. Placerita is just north of Los Angeles in the Santa Clarita Valley.