Paul's Case Literary Analysis

Jeffrey Davis Jr.

Point of View

Paul's Case is written in the third person omnicient, where the narattor can go into theminds of the characters. It shows the story from both the lenses of the main characters but the narrator.


Paul is an alienated, awkward and incomfortable in his setting. He loves art but his dangerous impulses with both life and money, intensify as the story developes. He is clinically depressed and it causes him to run away from his family, who doesn't quite understand his defiance. The narrator describes there is a "darkness" in Paul, which ultimately allows his depression get the best of him, ending with him jumping in front of a train.


This piece starts in a place called Cordelia Street and ends in the big city of New York. I chose New York because the finally of this story and Paul's life ends here.


the carnation stands as a representation of Paul's defiance, in the case of his meetinf with his teacher's and principal, but also represents his imminent suicide when he buries in the snow before jumping in front of the train.


This picture represents the combination of how Paul feels throughout the story. He's clinically depressed and feels alienated often. The addict natures of art, and his misunderstanding of money throughout the story culminates into Paul's demise

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