Leap into Literacy

March/April: Grade 5

Reading: Read Works

Readworks.org is a wonderful, free website that contains numerous reading passages, both fiction and informational, sorted by grade level, lexile level, and comprehension skill, It is an excellent resource to provide extra background information in content areas. This site contains skills and strategies units, comprehension units, novel study units and leveled reading passages with question sets. You can search by what strategy you want to teach: choose from 18 different strategies such as main idea, author’s purpose, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, determining importance and more. Check it out: www.readworks.org

Writing: Want support as you introduce the next Unit of Study?

Check out this link in which the New York Public Schools, in conjunction with Lucy Calkins, aligned their material to Common Core.- This packet contains two units designed to support students’ journeys towards proficiency in reading and analyzing nonfiction texts, integrating information across multiple texts, and writing argument essays based on their research. The task included asks each student to read and watch several nonfiction texts that give information about an issue and to take a side on that issue in the form of an argument essay, drawing on the provided texts for support.

You may consider teaching this unit in conjunction with a non-fiction reading unit of study. As such, the expectation is that teachers will gather books of similar reading bands into topic-based text sets. This will allow students to read multiple books, view videos and read articles on a variety of topics. Since our classroom libraries may not be that well stocked,consider http://teachertube.com. This site provides additional multimedia resources to best support your program!