Reed Hastings

Co- founder of Netflix

Date of birth

October 8, 1960

Current Residence

Santa Cruz, California

Education Experience:

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Stanford University in Stanford, California.

Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

Business Experience:

  • Chairman/ CEO at Netflix
  • Board Member; Facebook, Kipp Foundation, Pahara Institute, Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, Dreambox, California Charter Schools Association, Microsoft
  • President of California State Board of Education
  • CEO- Pure software
  • Software Engineer- Network Equipment Technologies, Coherent Thought.
  • Member Technical Staff; Schlumberger Palo Alto Research.
  • Lisp Instructor Assistant; Symbolics
  • Math Teacher

3 interesting facts!

Served in the U.S marine corps. After highschool he sold vacuum cleaners door to door for almost a year. He is also married and has two kids.


  • 1960- Born
  • 1978- Graduated High School
  • 1982 -
  1. He attended a private college (Bowdoin) which is where he got his degree
  2. He then joined the peace corps and then went to Swaziland and had thought math for 3 years.
  3. He came back to America and earned his graduate degree in computer science from the university of Stanford.
  • 1988- Reed entered Marine corps officer training through their Platoon Leader class he he spend in the summer of 1981 at Quantico, Virginia.
  • 1991- Reed got his first employment at Adaptive Technology which he later on quit to start his own company "Pure Software" which surprisingly grew rapidly.
  • 1997- He eventually found Netflix, Inc. He has been the chairman, CEO and President since September in 1997 and July, 1999.

Description of the product that the entrepreneur created


Netflix is a video rental and distribution company that can be used online on any electronic device if Netflix is available or allowed in the device.

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