Digital Citizenship

What Are The Nine Elements?

Digital Access

This element is stating that everyone should have equal rights with using technology. Everyone should have the same opportunity. People all over the world should have the same opportunities using technology.;

Digital Commerce

This is saying that too many people are using the internet to buy, sell, and trade things. Businesses that don't sell items online still need money to support their families. Everybody needs to use real life (not technology) to purchase items.

Digital Communication

People need to be appropriate online. Kids and teens use the internet to say inappropriate things. People are saying to many immature things online. It is saying that people need to be appropriate online.

Digital Literacy

This states that people should learn (at school, when kids) to use hints to do things easier. People need to learn shortcuts: +___ or -____. This will help them in college and in life.

Digital Etiquette

This element states that people should use the internet appropriately. Not looking up inappropriate things or worse. People should be aware that other people may be offended if someone says something bad.

Digital Law

This is saying that people should not steal, plagiarize, or sell things illegally. Not sending spams, Trojan Horses, or anything else that is illegal. Don't be illegal online.

Digital Rights & Responsibilities

People have rights online too. You can still say things, that aren't mean, inappropriate, and more. You can still do most of the same things.

Digital Health And Wellness

People can't use technology too much or else bad things can happen. You can get headaches, eye aches, and more. You have to know when to stop.

Digital Security

Don't give out passwords, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Be safe and don't tell anyone anything personal.