Yellow Journalism

By: Morgan M and Ben L

Pictures at Necochea Beach

An article said that they found this picture at Necochea Beach in Argentina. They say it floats above ground and towers over people. Because this picture is questionable quality, it is an example of yellow journalism.
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Doctor is fined $25,000 for claiming that green tea cures cancer

An australian doctor was fined by the Australian Medical Board for telling his patients that he could cure cancer with a special diet, using green tea. This is yellow journalism because pseudoscience is used. The science the doctor believed was not real. It was fake science.

Steve Thomas the Underdog

Steve Thomas was a hockey player that was never believed to be good enough for a professional team. Eventually he made his way to the Toronto team and was eventually traded to the Chicago Blackhawks. He finished his NFL career with 421 career goals and 933 points. Because he was an underdog when he was younger, this is yellow journalism.
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Full, Splashy and Colorful Pages

This is yellow journalism because it is a magazine filled with unimportant and colorful news in all different sizes and colors.
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Radioactive Concrete Is Latest Scare for Fukushima Survivors

There is said to be "radioactive concrete" in Japan. It was discovered by a high school student and they evacuated the apartments immediately. This headline is enough to give pretty much anyone a scare.


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