Sammy davis Jr.

An Actor/Dancer/Comedian that took the audience by storm

In the Beginning

Sammy davis Jr. Was born on born December 8, 1925 in the Harlem neighborhood. Sammy's father was a black Puerto Rican actor and his mother was a brazilian dancer. When Sammy was little he would perform on stage with his mother and father. But when he was three his parents got divorced. When his father and adopted uncle went on tours they would bring Sammy with them. During the tour they taught Sammy how to tap dance and eventually it lead to them being will Mastin trio. But sadly because of his family's itinerant lifestyle. Sammy never had a formal Education. They would Hire tutors for Sammy while they were on the road. Sammy maid his first appearance in a film for dancing in 1933 in the film Rufus Jones for president.

Oh the the things he did

Sammy Davis Jr. had performed in musicals such as Sammy stops the world, Golden boy( london production), Golden boy(Original Broadway production), and Mr.Wonderful. He has record albums such as Starring sammy davis jr., Sings just for lovers, I got right to the Swing, At the coconut grove, When the feeling hits you, Try a little Tenderness, Loney is the name, and The Goin's Great.

Hey did you know?

Samuel Davis Jr. was born on december 8th, 1925 in Harlem, new york city, new york and died on may 16th, 1960 in beverly hills. California. He died due to smoking which caused him to have cancer. Had had three Wives during the course of his life. Has three sons and one daughter.