Long Jump

By: Evan Harper

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Long Jump

Long jump is an athletic event that a person tries to reach their top speed and jump from a certain line to try to get as far into the sand pit as possible.

World Records: Men:8.95m/29ft Wemons: 7.52 m/ 24ft8in

Project Goal

The goal of my project is to predict when the women athletes will be as good or better than the men in Long Jump.
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The Scatter Plot

The blue squares represent the men long jumber and the magenta x's represent the women long jumpers. According to this graph the male competetors have longer jumps than women jumpers.
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The Line of Best Fit

Each of the line represents one of the genders trends. The blue line reprsents the men and the red line represents the women.
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The Intersection

The intesection shows when the women should be to jump the same distance as the men's distances for long jump. According to the intersection point the wemon should be at the same skill level as the men at long jump in the year 2226.It shows that in the year 2226 the longest jump will be 11 meters. This also shows that the year after 2226 the women should be better than the men.

The X intercept

The x intercept shows the year that the women what year the wemon will be as good as the men in long jump.

The Y Intercept

The y intercept shows that the longest jump in the year 2226 should be 11 meters.


In the year 2226 the women's long jumpers should be able to jump just as far as the men. The farthest jump should be around 11 meters. Since I am not sure if the year 2226 is an Olympic year, I can't be 100% sure that women will be just as good or better. Since women are on a rapid incline of improving in Long Jump math has proved that in the year 2226 Wemon will be just as good as men at Long Jump.
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