Shag to hiphop

Shoes I'm in

Hiphop and shag research

Shag shoes-

-Myrtal beach 40's-60's


-partner swing dance

-up beat and funleligant

Hiphop shoes-

-late 1960s

-invited by black Americans and Latino Americans

-started in New York City

-up rock, breaking, locking, and poping are some of the main styles

A day in the life

Dear the future,

Don't y'all want to know the old life?The dance life, of Dawn May Grooms.I started what the call the shag in the 60's all the way down to the 40's.I started in Mrytal beach.With the waves oh so blue crashing down .With the black platform and me with me 2 inch high heels and that Jazzy upbeat music.All about the feet back up side to side twist turn, with my husband Greg leading the way.We go for 4-6 months Shari g every day.Now all we do is dance all own,no music just the sound of the ocean.Until one day out of no were we here'd some upbeat music we shagged faster and faster and then we get tired so we go over there to look and we see pop, lock and is Kate 1860's.Im 20 now and am ready to get on stage.This dance my new dance hip hop.Pop lock and my new angle high sneakers.

How I got to love dance

When I was four I saw my grandmother shagging and I found dance as a interest, so then I had my mom put me in dance.unforchinably she put me in ballet.we were in room 2 when I heard a beat from room 4.Boom,Boom Boom, I was the new pop and lock of the family....
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