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She Loves & Shops its official!

Never A Mystery...

Have you noticed that every time there is a woman well put together in a room we look at her from head to toe? Its no mystery that women can get competitive with each other without saying a word. Your fashion instinct will be to look at her accessories first, her bag, shoes, jewelry... Then you proceed to see her clothes, how is her hair done and later if you get close, your sense of smell kicks in. Its also no mystery that we are all attracted to people who smell delish. But don't feel intimidated or that you have to run to buy a bag that is over $300 when you have other priorities. Amiga! No worries, that is why She Loves & Shops was created. To bring you absolutely gorgeous merchandise, chic custom jewelry and all the fabulous fashion forward merchandise at wonderful and affordable prices. So next time you find the woman in the room with the most stylish accessories its because you will be looking at yourself in the mirror and the other ladies will be wondering, "Where did she get that fabulous handbag? "

- Leyi Castanos-Daroczy

SLS Online Boutique

She Loves & Shops (SLS) is an online boutique created and designed for you, the fashion forward woman. Our fabulous merchandise will have you spinning and wanting more. For orders over $70 standard shipping is always free. We delivery to all 50 states in the US. We also offer shipping to Canada for a charge.