Feline Lonely

Ankhitha Manjunatha

About Me

Hey Chordates! Its me, Kitty, and I'm purrrrfect. I'm obviously in the mammalia class, because look at all my fur. Guys say i'm cold-hearted, but scienctifically I'm warrrrrm-blooded so HA. They also say I have a lot of cat-titude, but hey walking on 4 legs is sometimes hard to coordinate. But the good thing is that I give live birrrrrrrth, which means I don't have to worry about other animals eating my eggs like other classsssssses. Additionally, dudes will luvvvvv that I feed young my own milk so that means less work. So CHECK MEOWT.

About you (my dream date)

You're hot. I mean it, you're also warm-blooded like me. I like wings, I wanna fly. Its love at firrrrrrrst flight. And don't get me starrrrrrrrted on how sssssoft those feathers are, almost as soft as cat furrrrr. And you also have 2 legs which means we can take walks togetherrrr. Also you are so cathletic because you can fly (LUCKY), but with a little purrrrrsuasion I know you'll take me fur a ride one day. I am pawsitive that we will be togetherrrrr furever!

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