Kasumi's life

a journey of a girl

introducing Kasumi

There is a pretty girl named Kasumi. She is an enthusiastic girl and she loved to take selfies. She is the most pretty girl in town and by far the smartest.

The it girl in school

Kasumi is loved by everyone and is very popular. She goes to Ritsumeikan Uji Jounior High School in Japan. There, she is the smartest student and all the guys feel a pull towards her since she is, obviously, the prettiest and hottest girl in school. Any girl would kill to be her as any boy would kill to be "the one"

Kasumi's obsession

Kasumi is perfect everywhere. she's pretty, nice, beautiful, smart, and anything anyone could ever imagine. But Kasumi wishes she had double eye-lids, she often take pictures with her friends of her temporary double eye-lids. Maybe having a double eyelids make her eyes look bigger but its not necessary since her eyes are already sparking. But she looks gorgeous with double eyelids too!

Dirty Secret

Everyone knows Kasumi has a twin brother. But that is not the only sibling that was born at the same day as her. As perfect as she might be, she does keep secrets. She has an identical twin sister who is exactly the opposite of her. But the two of them are as close as ever. They are the best of friends but since they do not go to the same school, they try to to spend as much time together as possible.

We love her!

But it dosent matter what secrets she hides from us. She is the best of the best and we all lover her! so never mind that, we all love you!!!