Kinder Review

January 8, 2016

Literacy Corner

What a great week back!!! This week we reviewed all words taught thus far in Letterland. We also introduced the students to Bouncy Ben (Bb), Firefighter Fred (Ff), and Lucy Lamplight (Ll). We also learned about double letters Firefighter Fred and Firefighter Frank (ff) and Lucy Lamp Light and Linda Lamp Light (ll). These letters come at the end of words that have a short vowel (Example: pill, well, doll, stuff, cliff). We reviewed digraphs learned while working on our writing skills. Please make sure that you review writing with capital letters at the beginning of sentences, spaces between words and a punctuation at the end of each sentence. We also began reading books associated with winter. The students are doing good with their reading. Please make sure that they are reading to you at home, working on their blending skills by sounding out the words the best that they can. We will continue working on all of these skills at school.

We also began working on our end of the quarter assessments. I am very pleased with the progress that the students have made this quarter. We will continue to work on our assessments for the next two weeks. Please review all skills taught with your children at home. While completing the assessments, we will continue to review all skills at school, as well.

Next week we will learn new sight words, more Letterlander characters associated with letters and sounds. We will also continue to work on our reading and writing skills.

Math Lab

This week we reviewed addition and shapes, while introducing the students to subtraction and measurement.

Next week we will continue to work on all math skills taught.

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann
The Measurements Song

Parental FYI and Reminders

Please continue to review the expectations with your child at home. We are doing our assessments in class and it is very important that we follow the expectations so everyone has an equal opportunity to do a great job on them.

Dates to Remember...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Chick-fil-A Night (5-8 pm)

Monday - Tuesday, January 18-19, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Day & Teacher Workday- NO SCHOOL

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Class Pictures - More information to come.

Report Cards come home.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Father/Daughter Dance

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine Candy Gram - More information to come.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Early Release at 1 pm.

Friday, February 5, 2016

K/1 Awards Ceremony at 9 am.